What are the dates, times and arrival procedure for new students?

Please refer to the arrival information on either the undergraduate or postgraduate pages for full details.

If we arrive by car, are we permitted to park in College?

Parking is allowed for unloading purposes only and all cars should be removed promptly once this is complete.  Details regarding local car parks are provided by Cambridge City Council.  On arrival at the Regent Street entrance to College, you will be met by College members who will direct you where to park.  Getting to Cambridge and Downing maps can be found here.

My son or daughter has been allocated a room at Downing.  When will it be ready to move into?

All rooms will be available from 2.00 pm onwards on Saturday 29 September, unless your son or daughter has permission to arrive into residence earlier.  Room keys and/or University cards will be issued at Registration.

Does the College have a suggested list of items for students to bring and/or purchase on arrival, as well as restricted appliances?

Please refer to our room information for freshers, which includes an accommodation shopping list and advises on what not to bring to College.

Are there any welcome events for parents and family members?

On Saturday 29 September, complimentary refreshments will be served in the Dining Hall on 'A' staircase from 12.30 pm to 4.00 pm to which you are invited to attend while your son or daughter registers with us.  Conveniences and baby changing facilities will be available here.  There will also be an opportunity to visit the College Bursary for bill payments and financial queries.  

There is also a Freshers' Parents' Lunch in November.  The Master, Mr Alan Bookbinder, the Vice Master, Dr Paul Millett, and the Senior Tutor, Dr Guy Williams, also cordially invite the parents and guardians of first-year undergraduates to a reception and sit-down lunch in College on Saturday 3 November, from 12.00 pm to 2.00 pm.  There is no charge for this event.  Students may attend, but numbers are limited to a maximum of 2 attendees per family because space in the Hall is limited.  For example, one parent or guardian may attend with the Fresher, two parents or guardians may attend without the Fresher, or one parent or guardian may attend with another family member or guest.  There will also be an opportunity after lunch to join a historical and architectural tour of the College led by the Vice Master.  Printed invitations, including full booking instructions, will be available to collect at the above event on Saturday 29 September in the Dining Hall.

When will my son or daughter receive their first College bill and how should this be paid?

A College bill, which is due for payment by Wednesday 10 October, will be sent to your son or daughter's Cambridge email address by Friday 28 September.  If you would like to discuss any items on the bill, make a payment, or collect a paper copy, then the Bursary (located on 'B' staircase) will be open from 1.00 pm to 5.00 pm on Saturday 29 September.  For any queries, please contact the Bursary.

Is separate insurance cover required for rooms and personal belongings?

No, students living in College accommodation pay the Residence Charge, which includes insurance through the College provider, NWBIB.  The policy provides cover in various categories, including accidental damage to rooms, as well as limited cover for bicycles and laptops, on and off College premises.  Insurance cover can be increased here.