When I applied to Downing, I used a school email address on my UCAS application, but this no longer works.  What should I do to ensure I don't miss any important emails from you? 

It is essential that you email the Admissions Office to provide a personal email address that we can use to update your record and contact you before you arrive in Cambridge.

I have received my A-Level results and a confirmed offer of a place to study at Downing.  What should I do now?

On Thursday 15 August please go to the Downing website and read the 'Quick Checklist - Undergraduates' on the Information for New Students page.  There will be a number of tasks and forms for you to return by specific deadlines.

How and when will I know what accommodation I have been allocated and who my Director of Studies and Tutor will be?

The Tutorial and Admissions Office will write to you at the beginning of September to tell you who your Director of Studies and Tutor will be, as well as the accommodation and room number you have been allocated for your first year at Downing.  You will also receive further information relating to the College and your studies.  This is referred to as your welcome letter.

When will I meet my Tutor in person?

You are required to attend an informal social evening with your Tutor on Saturday 5 October at 6.00 pm.  Please refer to your welcome letter for further details.  You will sign-up for a formal appointment to see your Tutor the following week. 

When will I receive my College bill?

Your College bill will be emailed to your Cambridge email address prior to your arrival in College.  You will not be able to access this information until you have undertaken the University Student Registration process to update your personal information and collect your computing accounts.  Therefore, please ensure this is done as soon as you receive an email from the University in August or September, which will be sent to your personal email address.