This information is for those holding unconditional and conditional offers of places to study at Downing College. Any questions not addressed here can be directed to the Admissions Office via email.

Alternatively, students can email the Admissions Officers, Kate Flint or Lauren Payne, individually.

Please don't forget to let us know if your email address is changing! Just email

What happens when you get your exam results

You will receive a letter on or shortly after 18 August 2016. This will be an email if you have an overseas correspondence address or have requested the letter via email.

This will direct you to the August checklist for Undergraduates. It includes links to various forms, including an accommodation form for you to complete and return.


All Downing College first-year students will be offered accommodation in college.

Please note that the accommodation company called is completely unrelated to Downing College and does not provide accommodation for Downing College undergraduates.

We will write to you again at the beginning of September if you are due to start your course in October 2016, with:

  • information about the accommodation that has been reserved for you
  • the name of your personal Tutor and your Director of Studies
  • information about arriving at Downing.

Reading lists

Please have a look at the reading lists recommended to you by your Director of Studies, Faculty or Department.

It is important to try to do as much of the recommended reading as possible before you arrive in Cambridge as work starts almost immediately when you arrive.

If you need any further information please contact the Admissions Office.

Cambridge Bursary Scheme

Every student starting/continuing on a first undergraduate degree in October 2016, who has an annual household income of less than £42,620 and who pays a Cambridge University Tuition Fee, will be eligible for a Cambridge Bursary.  There is further information and how to apply here.


The College and University work together to offer all disabled students the maximum possible support.

Now that you have received an offer, we would like to give you a further opportunity to let us know if you have a disability and if you will require any support or advice when you come up to Cambridge.

If you have already disclosed your disability as part of your application you do not need to get in touch but if you have not, please complete and return the Disability Form.

Student Registration and IT

In late August you will be sent an email from the Student Registry containing detailed instructions and a link to the CamSIS Student Registration web pages. You can complete the registration process before you arrive in Cambridge.

Please contact the Admissions Office if your email address is changing. You can find further information in the leaflet ‘Getting Started with IT at Cambridge.’

When to arrive

UK students will need to arrive at Downing College between 12.00 noon and 4.00pm on Saturday 1st October 2016.

A few students will need to arrive earlier e.g. for Classics language classes or for instrumental award auditions, etc.

It is important to arrive on Saturday 1st October as there will be things to do and people to meet, including an informal meeting with your Tutor on the Saturday early evening.

If there is any reason why it is impossible for you to arrive on this day, please contact the Senior Tutor.

International students are invited to arrive from Wednesday 28th September to attend International Orientation but must contact the Senior Tutor to request this and to ensure a room is available.

Please note that the room allocated for you to stay in before 1st October may be different to your final room allocation which will be available to you on 1st October. International students who do not wish to arrive early must arrive between 12.00 noon and 4.00pm on Saturday 1st October 2016.

Welcome to Cambridge events

A number of events in the UK and overseas are organised by Cambridge alumni: You may be interested in attending one of these events but please note that these are not events necessary for student induction and that there is absolutely no obligation to attend. Please note that some events require the payment of a fee.

Term dates

The College operates a system of Normal Periods of Residence (NPR) which allows students to be in residence for a few days at either end of University Full Term. The dates are:

NPR 2016/17

  • Sat 01 Oct – Sat 10 Dec 2016 *
  • Sat 07 Jan – Sat 18 Mar 2017
  • Sat 15 Apr –Sat 24 June 2017

*First-year students leave one week earlier.

University Full Term

Each teaching term (also known as Full Term) is eight weeks long. There are three terms per year:

  • Michaelmas (running from October to December)
  • Lent (January to March)
  • Easter (April to June).

Full Term dates are available on the University of Cambridge site.

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