​The College events calendar is a communal calendar to aggregate the many academic & cultural events organised in and around College by various societies and groups. The hope is that this authoritative source of event information will help to increase awareness and attendance of College events across the JCR, MCR, Fellowship and staff.

Viewing the calendar

The calendar is hosted by Google.

Subscribing via iCal : https://www.google.com/calendar/ical/9sn3srd7kjhk8r3ah3l6r0rgas%40group....
Viewing via a web browser: https://www.google.com/calendar/embed?src=9sn3srd7kjhk8r3ah3l6r0rgas%40g...

Information for event organisers

Organisers of academic & cultural events are required to submit details of their events for publication on the calendar. There is a tick-box on the Party and Event Booking Form which indicates that the event information has been sent to the right place.

  • Event information should be e-mailed to college.events@dow.cam.ac.uk
  • Event information should include: event title, date, times, admission price (if any) and a brief description.
  • It is the organiser’s responsibility to ensure that the College Event Calendar information is correct. Any alterations, updates or changes to event information should be sent, by the organiser, to college.events@dow.cam.ac.uk

Any comments, suggestions or queries concerning the College Events Calendar should be sent to info@dow.cam.ac.uk .