Each student is allocated a Director of Studies (DoS) who is responsible for their academic work and progress in a particular subject, as well as their general welfare.

Undergraduates and some postgraduates are required to see their Director of Studies, either individually or as a group, at the start and end of each Term to discuss their studies and progress.

Throughout the academic year, Directors of Studies monitor academic progression via students' supervision reports on the Cambridge Colleges' Online Reporting System for Supervisions (CamCORS) and self-assessment questionnaires. If deemed necessary, students are warned when studies are being neglected.

Directors of Studies act in an advisory capacity by suggesting subject options, lecture courses, seminars and practical classes where relevant. Career advice is also provided, which is particularly important with regard to Law and Medicine because of the formal requirements for these professions.

Furthermore, an essential part of the role is to guide students as to paper choice in examinations, the checking of entries on the Cambridge Student Information System (CamSIS) and, at the end of the year, discussing examination results. References are written as and when requests are received.

Every August, in preparation for the new academic year, Directors of Studies provide introductory material and reading lists which are posted online for new students. On arrival, Directors of Studies meet with Freshers to explain in detail the teaching system and supervisions which will be arranged for them.

The majority of Directors of Studies are Fellows of the College, but in some subjects the Director of Studies is attached to another College, Department or Faculty. These are denoted by an asterisk in the full list of current Directors of Studies below.

Directors of Studies for 2017/2018

[Please note, the Directors of Studies for 2018/2019 will be posted here in September.]


Director of Studies

Terms and parts

Anglo-Saxon, Norse & Celtic

Dr D Pratt



Dr E So*


Asian & Middle Eastern Studies

Dr B Steger


Chemical Engineering

Dr K Yunus



Dr P Millett


Clinical Studies

Mr J Davies*


Computer Science

Dr R Harle

Dr G Jenkinson*

Michaelmas and Lent



Dr A Morris



Dr Y Liu*


Dr L Xu

Part IA


Dr J Li

Part IB


Prof W O'Neill

Part IIA and Manufacturing Engineering


Dr M Crisp

Part IIB


Dr S Kennedy

Prelim to Part I and Part I


Dr E Jones

Part II


Prof W Adams



Dr M Bravo

Lent and Easter


Dr D Pratt


History of Art

Dr F Salmon*


Human, Social & Political Sciences

Dr M Moreno Figueroa

Part II (Sociology and Social Anthropology), Part I


Dr J Stock

Part II (Archaeology and Bio Anthropology)


Dr H Wydra*

Part II (Politics & International Relations)

Land Economy

Professor J McCombie



Miss A Goymour

Part IA


Mr T Hawker-Dawson

Part IB


Mr L Shmilovits

Part II

Law (LLM and MCL)

Mr L Shmilovits



Professor A Ledgeway


Management Studies

Professor B Lambrecht*



Dr S Demoulini


Medical Sciences

Professor N Coleman


Modern Languages

Dr I R James



Dr A Howard*


Natural Sciences (Biological)

Dr M Correia

Dr N Farahi and Dr A Holding


Lent and Easter


Dr A Milton


Natural Sciences (Physical)

Professor Z Barber


Natural Sciences (Physics)

Professor C Haniff


Natural Sciences (Chemistry)

Dr M Housden


Natural Sciences (Geology)

Prof N Rawlinson


Natural Sciences (HPS)

Dr R Jennings*



Dr M Tomalin


Psychological & Behavioural Sciences

Dr A Milton



Rev'd Dr K Eyeons


Veterinary Medicine

Mrs J Pearson*