After graduating from your course you will receive a free copy of your Official University Transcript.

The transcript, which is used to attest attendance and the passing of any exam, is a single document that contains the records of all degrees you have completed at the University of Cambridge. It includes the overall class mark attained and the list of papers, with marks where available, taken for each part of the Tripos.

The University's Student Registry sends transcripts to the College.  Downing will then post these out to your First Destination address in CamSIS. You should therefore ensure that you keep your contact details up-to-date in CamSIS to ensure the transcript is forwarded to the correct mailing address.

Prior to receiving your free copy you may order as many ad hoc copies (for which there is a fee) as you wish, by completing the order form via Student Registry.

When ordering ad hoc copies your transcript may not (at the time of ordering) contain the breakdown of your marks for the Easter Term. Therefore, if you specifically require this information to be included, please attach a covering letter requesting that your transcript is held back until all available marks are attached to your record.

Please note that at peak processing times transcripts can take up to 28 days to dispatch.

Students with an active Raven account can view their Unofficial Transcript and order ad hoc copies through CamSIS.  Please be aware that your Raven account will be closed shortly after graduation and you will then need to register for CamSIS Extended Self-Service to access these services.

If you would like to request a College Transcript before receiving your Official University Transcript, please email the Tutorial Office, or telephone 01223 334811, indicating whether you require a standard transcript (containing overall class marks for each year of study) or a full transcript which also contains a breakdown of your examinations marks.

Postgraduates should note that they must contact their Department or Faculty for paper marks ahead of their Official Transcript.

Please be aware that any application for transcripts must be made by students or former students themselves. Requests for copies by a third party will not be actioned unless authorised in writing by the named student.

In order to improve the process for obtaining copies of transcripts, Student Registry has developed a new secure online service called Digitary for ordering, paying, issuing and validating the Official University Transcript. This system allows students and alumni to access a copy of the document online as well as manage its release to a third party electronically, allowing you to verify the information via the University’s secure website. This significantly speeds up the process and removes the need to send documents through the post or to request duplicate copies from the University.

Extended self-service (ESS) for alumni

If you attended Downing after Michaelmas term 1980, you can retrieve your degree information via CamSIS. The Extended Self-Service (ESS) allows you to:

  • Update contact details
  • View exam grades
  • View a copy of an unofficial transcript
  • In some circumstances, apply for graduation.

Please note that CamSIS is not linked to the Downing College system. If you are changing your contact details please also email these to the Development Office. This ensures that you will continue to receive the latest event invitations and alumni communications.