Academic gowns for Postgraduates

Wearing a gown is a symbol of your joining the community of scholars.  You first wear a gown for Matriculation.  You will also need a gown for other formal occasions, to attend Formal Hall and for your graduation. 

Gown purchase

It may be possible to hire, borrow or purchase gowns, subject to availability, for such occasions from the Graduate Union.  However, many new postgraduate students opt to have a gown of their own, which can be purchased directly from Ryder & Amies.  Before ordering your gown, please contact the Tutorial and Admissions Office to obtain a voucher code, which is redeemed online to receive a discount on the cost of any postgraduate gown over £50. It is important to wear the correct gown.  Consequently, please contact the outfitter if you require any guidance before making a purchase.  Alternatively, please refer to the Graduate Union's Gown Guide for further information.