The Griffin Magazines

The Griffin is Downing College’s undergraduate magazine. It comes out once a term, delivered directly to your pigeon hole, completely free of charge.

It has everything from College news to high level debates and interesting features. Editors work tirelessly to encourage the College’s talented writers to report on a whole range of issues, from interviews with the Porters, to an agony aunt section.

All members of the JCR are encouraged to come forward with contributions, whether it is a report on your sports team’s successes or a revealing interview.



Are you a creative problem solver? Are you a self-starter? Do you like to ‘fail fast’ and learn faster? Do you want to learn more about disruptive business strategies?

If so then, Downamyx is the society that you’re looking for. Downamyx is Downing’s entrepreneurship and innovation society. We are a new club with the goal of inspiring students to pursue a career in business. Part of our mission is to highlight how students can align problem-solving skills and creativity through working at purpose-driven businesses.

In a typical meeting, we discuss a case study and brainstorm a solution to a hypothetical client problem, from a B2C marketing strategy to a new product offering. The idea is to make it collaborative, accessible, and most of all fun! Downamyx also hosts speaker events with industry disrupting start-ups and venture capital firms.

We welcome students from all subject backgrounds. So, come along and try something new!




Board Game Society

At Downing College Board Games Society we do basically what it says on the box: play games in a chilled environment, with some snacks! Board games is weekly on a Tuesday evening, but sometimes we have additional sessions for swaps with other colleges. We also hold special event nights, with games sharing a theme, such as ‘Spies’ or 'Wild West' and offer subsidised evenings now and again at the Box Room Board Game Cafe just outside Downing for a refreshing change of location. We have a wide array of games, including some classics like Articulate and Codenames, and some that are less well-known like Bohnanza, The Crew, Cascadia, and many more. We are regularly getting new games and are open to suggestions of games people would like us to purchase for the society. DCBGS is a great place to try new games and meet people in a relaxed and fun atmosphere!


Presidents: &


BAME Society

The BAME Society aims to promote diversity and inclusivity in Downing by providing a welcoming space for students from Ethnic Minority backgrounds. We strive to create a community where individuals can come together to celebrate their cultural heritage, share their experiences, and raise awareness about issues that affect EMC students.

Our society hosts a variety of events throughout the year, including cultural celebrations, formals, and social events. We also provide support for EMC students at welfare drop-ins.

Our society is open to all students, regardless of their ethnic or cultural background, as we strongly believe in creating a diverse and inclusive community for everyone at Downing.