Master's Lodge Garden

DDS: Much Ado About Nothing 

Friday 16 - Sunday 18 June 2023

Whilst holidaying at the idyllic home of Leonato, governor of Messina, Hero and Claudio fall in love at first sight. They are soon to be married, much to the joy of those around them. Meanwhile Beatrice (Hero's cousin) is busy fighting a war of wits against Benedick, both of whom claim they detest the idea of marriage, and each other. Will their friends be able to change that?

Soon deception, gossip, and villainous plots get in the way of the two couples' respective relationships, with consequences for both. Come and see one of Shakespeare's most beloved comedies, performed in the Master's Lodge Garden this June!


  • Friday 16 June
  • Saturday 17 June
  • Sunday 18 June

Times for the performances are yet to be confirmed.