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This November, join the PEANUTS gang in a celebration of the indomitable Lucy Van Pelt. One of the central characters of the daily strips, books, and films, Lucy always gets the best lines as she is unafraid to speak her mind. While Charlie Brown is perennially worried that people don’t like him, Lucy does not share his self-doubt. Opinionated and perpetually petulant, it is undeniable that Lucy Van Pelt has self-belief in spades. Lucy’s unwavering confidence, makes her stand apart from other female characters in daily cartoon strips, who were either long-suffering foils to the foibles of the male characters or struggling with the demands of modern womanhood. Lucy always tells it like it is - even if it is only like that in her mind.

When Charles M. Schulz retired from drawing daily strips on 1 March 2000, he had created over 18,000 daily comic strips in a career spanning five decades. This exhibition is an opportunity to explore the art of the daily comic strip, a demanding format designed to appeal to audiences of all ages and requiring a consistency of characterisation across both line and text. Schulz characters developed with the times, while never ageing nor losing their childlike outlook towards the world.

The exhibitions includes original strips, line art reproductions, original objects, and tribute art.

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In collaboration with the Charles Schulz Museum and Archive, Santa Rosa, California.
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