COVID safety

The following safety measures are currently in place:

  • Entrance will be to the Gallery only. Visitors are not permitted to enter other parts of Downing College.
  • Face coverings must be worn over the nose and mouth at all times while in the Gallery.
  • Contact details must be provided for Track and Trace purposes upon entering the Gallery. Details will only be used in case of a confirmed infection.
  • Visitors must use hand sanitiser provided upon entering the Gallery.
  • Visitors must keep 2 metres apart. Floor signs will be in place to help judge distance.

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The Heong Gallery at 5

Celebrating 5 years of The Heong Gallery at Downing College.

March 2021 event: watch again

Issam Kourbaj Imploded, burnt, turned to ash, 2021


Arts After Dark

Recent graduate in Music at Downing College, Declan Hickey returned to perform in The Heong Gallery, 4 November 2020.


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