Downing is saddened to share the news that Hugh Brammer (Geography 1943) died in hospital last week from Covid-19, he was 95 years old. 

Hugh was a remarkable man who spent a large part of his career living in Bangladesh and developed a keen interest in the country. He continued to write and publish papers on Bangladesh right up until November when he sent us his most recent paper for distribution with a note promising two more to come!

He enjoyed his interaction with the College and our Fellows in Geography very much, and with students in the Brammer Society (named in his honour).  

His recent generous gift of £672,000 to endow the Brammer Fellowship qualified him as a Foundation Fellow at Downing and within striking distance of the Guild of Benefactors in the University. Alas, we were unable to present him with his gown due to the lockdown last spring, but his transformative gift has secured the Fellowship and the teaching of Geography at Downing in perpetuity. 

The College hope that we can celebrate Hugh's life and contribution to Downing virtually, if not in person, in the near future.

The Daily Star: "A beacon of light is no more"


Image: Hugh Brammer is pictured with Alan Bookbinder, Master of Downing, on one of his last formal occasions in College in November 2019.

Published 21 January 2021.