Downing Fellow co-edits new edition of celebrated textbook

The latest edition of a celebrated surgical textbook, co-edited by a Downing Fellow, has been published.

Mr Justin Davies, Fellow of Clinical Medicine at Downing and a surgeon at Addenbrooke’s Hospital, has co-edited the 14th edition of Ellis and Calne’s Lecture Notes in General Surgery along with Prof Christopher Watson.

The textbook (first published in 1965) is used by medical students, surgical trainees and advanced nurse practitioners. It is a comprehensive guide to the fundamentals of General Surgery while systematically covering all the clinical surgical problems that a student or doctor in training may encounter.

Topics covered include surgical strategy, human factors, trauma surgery, the brain and post-operative complications. The text also features coloured illustrations throughout and includes electronic access to a wide range of extra material including case studies, radiological and clinical images, and biographies.

“Two years of work has come to fruition with the publication of the 14th edition of this iconic surgical text book,” said Mr Davies.

“It was a huge privilege to be asked to join friend and colleague Prof Chris Watson as Co-editor, especially having been taught anatomy by Prof Harold Ellis as an Undergraduate and surgery by Prof Sir Roy Calne as a Postgraduate student in Cambridge.

“I read the 8th edition myself as a student at Downing College – how time flies.”

Ellis and Calne’s Lecture Notes in General Surgery is published by Wiley Blackwell.

Published 8 March 2023