Welcome return for latest instalment of Michael Apted's groundbreaking television show 63 Up

This week sees the return of director and Honorary Fellow Michael Apted's television series 63 Up

The Up documentary series began in 1964 as a World in Action special for Granada Television, featuring a select group of 14 British seven-year-olds from a mixture of social backgrounds. The original title was inspired by the Jesuit motto “give me a child until he is seven and I will give you the man” and was intended to look into class divisions in Britain.

Apted has directed seven-yearly updates ever since then, and the series returns this week with three episodes for 63 Up.  The influential and critically acclaimed documentary series is also a much-loved chronicle of everyday lives in Britain.

63 Up will premiere 4 June on ITV. 

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Published 4 June 2019.