Lent Term message from the Master

Another challenging new term is beginning, with all teaching taking place on-line and the great majority of students staying at home under the latest lockdown rules. The new, much more infectious Covid variant is forcing us all to be more vigilant - it is more important than ever to observe the rules and avoid all but essential contact with anyone outside our household. Later in the term a brighter picture may start to emerge, as the vaccines reduce the number of new cases, but in the meantime, I urge you to be patient and to stick closely to the regulations.

I hope the virtual College community will continue to thrive through online entertainments and Zoom hang-outs; wherever you are, I ask you once again to try to make the most of a difficult situation. I wish you all the best - students, staff and alumni - for a safe and productive winter, in the hope that one last term of restrictions will lead to the gradual restoration of a fuller, richer College life in the spring and summer.

Alan Bookbinder


Published 18 January 2021.