Meet Ruari Wilson: President of the JCR

Undergraduate student Ruari Wilson was elected President of the Downing JCR (Junior Common Room) in February. Now settled into his new role, Ruari spoke to us about the JCR, what his role entails, and the priorities for this year's committee. 

What do you study?

I’m a second-year medical student.

What is the JCR?

The JCR is the body that represents all the undergraduate students at Downing – it’s like a mini students’ union.

Why did you stand for President?

In an attempt to make my life as difficult as possible, and I suppose to make some sort of changes that students want to see.

What does the President do?

Plenty of things: constant email monitoring, sitting on lots of committees (some more interesting than others), chairing the JCR committee and open meetings. Essentially, representing undergraduates in every possible way.

Is it a lot of work on top of your studies?

So far, it's not been too bad! I’ve had a couple of other roles before, so it’s not been a huge jump, yet.

What are the new committee’s priorities?

We’re very keen on increasing transparency in the JCR Committee itself and the wider workings of the college, we want to refurbish the JCR (the basement room) and introduce free medical prescriptions for all undergrads.

How can students get involved with the JCR?

Attend and participate in open meetings, stand for positions in elections, vote in elections, contact me and the rest of the committee, or even just moan on social media.

How do students get in touch with the JCR?

The most direct way is by emailing me or a specific officer. My email address is and the other officers’ can be found on the JCR website. Also, I’m always very happy to talk to people in person!

What is the best thing about being part of the JCR?

Probably actually getting something done. Some things can be tricky and slow to be agreed upon, so once you actually get it done, it’s very satisfying.

What’s the best thing about Downing?

The Paddock in the sun after exams is hard to beat.

Published 12 May 2023