Philanthropy fully funds the Parry-Anderson Fellowship in Law

Following another very generous gift, we are pleased to report that the Parry-Anderson Fellowship in Law is now fully funded. This will ensure that we can continue to offer our high-quality teaching, support and guidance for all Downing Law students from within the College for many years to come.

Named after two Law alumni, Mervyn Parry (1969) and James Scott Anderson (1987), the Fellowship is part of Downing’s 360 fundraising campaign and is the first campaign initiative to have been funded solely from philanthropy.

“We are very grateful to everyone who has generously donated to our new Law Fellowship. It has been very humbling to hear of the positive impact that studying at Downing has had on the lives and careers of our donors," said Professor Graham Virgo, Master-Elect, Fellow in Law, Downing College; Professor of English Private Law, University of Cambridge

"The philanthropic nature of these gifts will enable us to continue to provide and expand our exceptional legal education to provide future students with a superb foundation for their future careers.” 

Published 17 May 2023