Finding books

*When in the library, please remember to follow coronavirus safety guidance below*

  • Search our library catalogue at (remember, Downing books are not on iDiscover)
  • Using Boolean operators (AND, OR, NOT) will get the best results, with [author] AND [keyword] often used reliably. 
  • Click on the title for full details and to check location (including classmark) and availability

Quick introduction to using the catalogue

Coronavirus safety guidance for library users

Please do not come into the library if you are self-isolating, quarantining or feeling unwell.

We ask that you continue to observe the guidelines below whilst using the library. Thank you for your cooperation. 

  • Ensure there are windows open in the vicinity of occupied study spaces.
  • If in doubt, assume that others want to maintain safe distances.
  • Make use of the available hand sanitisers and sanitising wipes to ensure good hygiene, especially around shared facilities.
  • Take all your belongings with you when you vacate a study space.

You are very welcome to use the library’s Request & Collect service to borrow books.

Any library enquiries can be directed to: