Dress Code for Formal Hall

There is a code of dress for Formal Hall, which has been agreed by junior members of the College. Gowns must be worn throughout dinner, both by members of the College and their guests from other Colleges. The overall effect must be smart and respectful of the atmosphere of Formal Hall. The following attire is acceptable:

  • Suit
  • Dress
  • Long trousers or a skirt
  • A shirt or blouse; shirts should be collared and should be worn with a tie or cravat
  • Polo necked sweaters
  • Smart shoes (please note, trainers are not considered smart shoes in this context)
  • Jeans (providing they are clean and in good repair)
  • Please note, shorts are not acceptable

The dress code is defined without reference to considerations of gender identity or expression.

Formal Hall Conduct

Drinking games, the imposition of drinking fines, standing or banging on chairs and tables is not permitted under any circumstances. The Catering staff are within their rights to ask students and guests to leave the Hall if they are disruptive and/or if they have consumed too much alcohol.

Communal singing and the raising of toasts will not normally be permitted in the Hall unless the Presiding Fellow has consented. Permission must be sought either before the meal begins, or during the meal via the Catering Supervisor or the presiding undergraduate or graduate as intermediary. The Catering Supervisor on duty must be informed.

Please take responsibility at all times for your guests, thus ensuring a minimal amount of disruption to the running of the dinner.

Please ensure you and your guests remain seated throughout dinner, especially during the service of food and coffee. Once Formal Hall has begun, it is not expected that anyone will leave for any reason nor move around. To do so could prove disruptive and, when staff are serving, dangerous.

In exceptional circumstances permission may be granted, by the Presiding Fellow via the Supervisor on duty, to an individual to withdraw. Anyone leaving should not expect to be allowed to return.

Your assistance in following these guidelines will be much appreciated.