Welcome back to new Clinical Vets

We look forward to welcoming you back to College when your introductory course commences on Monday 28 September.

As the method of study and rhythm of the academic year is somewhat different to the life you have known as an undergraduate at Downing, it is hoped that the following information will outline what you need to know about being a Clinical Veterinary Medicine student here.  If you have any further questions, please contact either the Graduate Admissions Officer or Tutorial Office.


Registration is by appointment only.  Therefore, please ensure you contact the Tutorial and Admissions Office to arrange your registration from Monday 28 September onwards, which will involve the following:

  1. If you have a student loan, you will need to bring either your UK passport or photo driving licence as an identity check to initiate your payment.
  2. A new University Card has been ordered as a replacement for your existing card and will be exchanged on production of your old card.
  3. Collect important information.

Please note, if you do not attend the Tutorial and Admissions Office, please bear in mind that if you have a student loan, it will not commence until you have registered.

An electronic copy of your registration document is available here.  Please print a copy of this document to bring with you.

Director of Studies

Your College Director of Studies, who is responsible for overseeing your academic studies for Clinical Veterinary Medicine at Downing, will contact you by email at the beginning of Michaelmas Term to arrange an appointment to see you.  

Your Studies

For further information about your studies, please consult the course timetable or the School of Clinical Veterinary Medicine website.

Graduate Tutor

You will be assigned a Graduate Tutor at Downing College.  Like Undergraduate Tutors, Graduate Tutors are also responsible for your general welfare and will represent you in official contacts with the central administration of the University.  As a new postgraduate student, you are only required to meet your Graduate Tutor at the beginning of the Michaelmas Term.  Please sign-up for an appointment time on the Downing Tutorial Site for Students on Moodle at which point you will find out which Tutor you have been allocated.

It is in your best interest to inform your Graduate Tutor as soon as any illness or difficulty occurs which is likely to affect study or examination performance.  In such cases, Tutors help to deal with health or other personal problems and are in a position to assist with special needs or disabilities.  Requests to take examinations under special conditions can be arranged by the Tutor, who is contactable at any time throughout the year by email.  Your Tutor can be seen by appointment and such appointments should be made via email. In an emergency contact the Tutorial & Admissions Office (+44 (0)1223 334811) or the Porters’ Lodge out of office hours (+44 (0)1223 334800).

College Policies and Terms & Conditions

All students at Downing must read and agree to the following terms & conditions and College policies within the first two weeks of Term as a requirement of living and studying at Downing.  You will be able to do this online on Moodle.

The Terms & Conditions and College Policies are as follows:

Terms & Conditions or College Policy:
Accommodation Handbook
Alcohol Policy
College Rules and Guidelines
Data Protection Statement (Students)
Harassment and Sexual Misconduct Policy
Plagiarism Policy
Respect and Dignity Policy
University Card:  Terms and Conditions of Use

Downing College MCR Events

Clinical Vets become part of the Middle Combination Room (MCR) a multi-disciplinary, culturally diverse and international community, closely integrated into the academic and social life of the College.

The MCR has organised a series of events during Freshers' Week and if you find yourself available you are most welcome to participate in any of the events that are due to be publicised shortly. 

The MCR website lists forthcoming events.  Again, you are very welcome to attend any of these throughout the academic year to enable you to meet some like-minded, friendly people. 


Do I need to register with the College Nurse as a new student?

Students who have already seen the College Nurse as an undergraduate do not need to re-register.  As usual, during clinic times you can make an appointment on Moodle to consult the College Nurse.

As a new postgraduate student, do I need to matriculate?

As you have already matriculated as an undergraduate student, you do not need to matriculate again, but you are most welcome to attend any of the postgraduate Matriculation events, apart from the ceremony itself, scheduled to take place at the start of Term.  Further information will be publicised here in due course.

Do I need a new academic gown?

You are now entitled to wear a BA gown which differs to the undergraduate gown you have been used to wearing.  It may be possible to hire, borrow or purchase gowns, subject to availability, for such occasions from the Graduate Union.  However, many new postgraduate students opt to have a gown of their own, which can be purchased directly from Ryder & Amies.  Before ordering your gown, please contact the Tutorial and Admissions Office to obtain a voucher code, which is redeemed at checkout to receive a discount on £7.50 on the cost of a BA gown.