It is not necessary that all Tripos examinations taken should be in the same subject, undergraduates sometimes change their field of study whilst in residence to take advantage of the flexibility permitted by the University.

There is restricted entry to certain courses; advice on a proposed change of course is given by Tutors and Directors of Studies.

It should be noted that approval of a change of course is by no means given automatically by the College and is, anyway, usually conditional on the following:

  • the prerequisite pre-admission qualifications for the desired course
  • a good performance in an admissions level interview
  • a good performance in an admissions level test (if relevant)
  • a minimum of a 2:1 in the current year
  • a satisfactory financial guarantee for any extension to the course.

Entry to Part II or III of the Tripos in certain subjects is sometimes limited by the capacity of the University Faculty or Department concerned.

All changes of course require the prior approval of the College Education Committee. Application forms can be downloaded here.

Completed forms, including all necessary signatures by Directors of Studies and Tutors, should be emailed to the Senior Tutor via the Tutorial and Admissions Office at

Please note there are likely to be compulsory additional requirements for students who currently hold a visa to study in the UK.  Please ensure read the form in full. Students are advised to contact the International Student Office for further advice.