Alumni Day and Association Dinner

The 2021 Alumni Day and Association Dinner will take place on Saturday 25 September 2021. The Development Office will be providing detailed arrangements for alumni to participate in this in due course.

Other College events

Other College events for alumni are listed on the Development Office website.

Downing Photographic Competition

The competition theme was 'Forty Years On'.  The chosen theme reflected the fact that 2020 was the 40th anniversary of women undergraduates being admitted to Downing, but due to the Pandemic the theme has been recycled to 2021. It was up to the entrants to use their skill and creativity in interpreting the theme. It was suggested that the topics entrants might like to consider were, for example: - 'How women have integrated into the college'; 'Downing – an inclusive community'; 'How the domus has changed'. This was quite a challenging theme that required the entrants to 'think outside the box'.

The judges were Professor Chris Haniff (Fellow in Physics), Vicki Ambery-Smith (designer and wife of the Master) and Neville Tait (Associate Fellow Emeritus and competition organiser). Keeping score and ensuring fair play was the Association Secretary, Simon Walker. In coming to its decision, the judging panel considered not only how well the image matched the brief, but also the technical quality of the image in terms of composition, sharpness and exposure.

Unfortunately, there was only entrant this year, Caitlin Bones, who submitted five images. The disappointing number of entries is perhaps understandable in view of the restrictions imposed on College Life by the pandemic combined with a particularly challenging theme. Caitlin’s images matched the brief in every respect, but two images in particular caught the judges’ eye and can be seen here. 

1st Prize: Virtual Christmas Formal 2020

This image is a stark reminder of how the Christmas formal for 2020 adapted in the covid-era to being a ‘formal in a box’ that students had to prepare at home. Pictured are the raw ingredients supplied by the College after unboxing. An undergraduate 40 years ago would have been puzzled by the presence of lists of ingredients including such things as ‘gluten’, ‘soya’ and ‘sulphites’ in the Menu, while the reference to ‘Zoom’ would have been totally incomprehensible. Caitlin Bones

Highly Commended: Looking across the Domus to S Staircase

This image taken across the Domus looking towards S staircase says a lot about changes over the past 40 years. First of all, hidden behind the door, is the MCR which has been closed to students for most of the pandemic. Secondly, rising above and behind the East Lodge, is the Battcock Lodge which did not exist 40 years ago. Thirdly, sticking up between the buildings you can just see the final remains of the magnificent Blue Atlas cedar tree which has had to be felled very recently due to disease. Caitlin Bones


Past competitions

Entries to the 2020 Downing photographic competition can be seen here.