The Extenuating Circumstances Form

The Extenuating Circumstances Form has been designed to ensure that the Cambridge Colleges have the information they require in order accurately to assess any applicant who has experienced particular personal or educational disadvantage.

This form should only be used where an applicant's education has been significantly disrupted or disadvantaged through health or personal problems, disability or difficulties with schooling.

The information provided on the form will help Admissions Tutors by giving a context against which they can judge the academic record of applicants, and provide information that's useful when assessing applicants' performance at interview (if interviewed).

The sort of circumstances it would be appropriate to inform us of via this form include:

  • a serious, acute or chronic medical condition (especially since the age of 14) which caused significant educational disruption
  • significant caring responsibilities, or recent bereavement or serious illness within close family
  • serious disruption to educational provision at school/college
  • other circumstances where serious disruption has occurred – the school/college is welcome to contact a College admissions office to discuss an applicant's particular circumstances

The Extenuating Circumstances Form should normally be submitted by the applicant's school/college by the 22 October application deadline. In those rare cases where the applicant's school/college is unaware of the circumstances a doctor or social worker may complete and validate the form on the applicant's behalf.