Downing uses the Upay online interface for access to formal hall event booking and account information.

The Upay site can be accessed in three different ways:

You can also access the Upay site via a non-Raven Upay password. The easiest way to set up this password is to visit the website and use the 'Forgotten my details' link.

Please note that you must use your e-mail address to set this up in order for your account to be linked correctly.

Once logged in you will be able to:

1. Book formal hall and similar events online.

2. View your current expenditure for transactions where you have used your University Card or Upay account i.e., Buttery, Butterfield Café, Bar and event booking.

Please note: all expenditure processed through Upay will be dealt with via your College Bill. There is no need to try and top up your Upay online wallet to make bookings.

Contact the IT department with questions or issues related to the Upay system.