Shares, Securities, Land and Property

You can get income tax relief if you give, or sell at less than market value, any qualifying investments to a UK charity such as Downing College. Individuals can deduct the value of the qualifying investments and any transaction costs, at the date of disposal, when calculating their total income for income tax purposes. This is in addition to Capital Gains Tax relief for gifts of assets to charity.

If you’re interested in making a gift of shares to Downing College, please email us.

Give as You Earn

You can choose to have your gift to Downing College deducted directly from your pre-tax salary. Full details about GAYE can be found on the Charities Aid Foundation website.

International donors

Downing College benefits from the generosity of many donors who are based outside the UK. We are registered with various international organisations to ensure that you enjoy the full advantages of tax-deductible giving. Please choose the appropriate region from the links below to learn more about getting the most out of your donations.

Giving from Europe

Downing College is registered with Transnational Giving Europe, which can help donors to make tax-efficient donations to Downing College from several European countries. Transnational Giving Europe operates as a network of partner foundations across the continent. Please be aware that administration and banking charges may be applied.

Giving from the USA

In the USA, tax-deductible gifts for Downing College can be made via Cambridge in America, a registered 501(c) (3) charity.