What are the heating times?  The heating in my room doesn’t work!

The heating comes on twice a day in student residences:

  • Monday to Friday: 7am-8.30am/ 4pm-10.30pm
  • Saturday to Sunday: 7am-10am/ 2pm-10pm

The hot water also comes on twice a day:

  • Monday to Sunday: 6.30am-10.30am/ 2.30pm-10.30pm

The heating is set to the 19C. 

Does the College supply kettles and toasters (microwave, pots and pans etc.)?

The College provides a full range of kitchen equipment including all crockery, cutlery, pans and appliances. You may wish to bring a favourite mug but please do not bring anything else!

Does the College provide duvets, pillows and bed linen?

No, but in an emergency you can purchase a basic duvet and pillow from the Housekeeping department and bed linen can be hired.  Email the Housekeeping department with your request

Is my friend allowed to stay in my room?

If you are an undergraduate student, you can have a guest to stay in your College room for two nights only and they must be signed in at the Porters' Lodge.

Can I have an extra bed for a guest?

You can request a mattress and bed linen from the Housekeeping department. There is a charge for this.

How often should I expect my room to be cleaned?

Your room will be cleaned on alternate weeks and en-suites cleaned weekly.

My room hasn’t been cleaned. Who do I report this to?

Tell the Domestic Assistant responsible for your room. If this does not solve the problem, email the Housekeeper.

Can I bring my own furniture into my room?

You are not allowed to bring your own furniture, nor are you allowed to remove any furniture from your room.

How do I get something fixed in my room?

All maintenance issues must be reported via DISTRO, the college's online maintenance system.

Where can I get a bulb for my desk lamp?

Please collect replacement light bulbs for lamps from the Porters' Lodge.

My room is cold, can I have a heater?

Please report any cold rooms on DISTRO, the college's online maintenance system.

Can I bring my own heater into College?

Under no circumstances are you allowed to have portable heaters in your College room, and any found will be removed by the Head Porter.

How do I put up posters or art work, without incurring any charges?

You can request picture hooks from the Housekeeping department via email.

Should the domestic assistant do any washing up?

Domestic Assistants are not expected to do any washing up.

What can I leave in my room and kitchen over the vacations?

Anything left in bedrooms or kitchens will be disposed of, unless it is in the lockable bedroom cupboard.