What is the telephone number for the Porters' Lodge?

You can call the Porters's Lodge on 01223 334800. 

How do I put a maintenance request in?

If you have any concern relating to your accommodation or would like to report a fault in your room or other student facilities, you must submit a maintenance request via the Online Maintenance System (OMS).  If the issue is not solved within a reasonable time, you should consult your Tutor.

The Maintenance Department have their office in the Porters’ Lodge.

Where do we do our laundry?

Washing machines, dryers, irons and provision for drying are available for you in two College laundries.  You will find the laundries located behind T staircase and at the rear of I staircase.  Entry to the laundries is by University card access only, but you are advised not to leave any items of clothing unattended and the College cannot accept any responsibility for loss of your personal laundry.  Do not dry washing over the hand rails of College staircases; any drying should take place either in the laundries or within the confines of your College room.

Most College houses are supplied with domestic-style washing machines and dryers. If you are a Postgraduate resident of a College house which does not have laundry facilities, you may use the facilities in the basement of the Singer Building. Keys may be obtained from the Porters’ Lodge.

How do I register my bicycle?

You must register your bicycle in the Porters' Lodge.  We will write your name in the Bicycle Log, along with the make and colour of your bicycle.  The Duty Porter will then issue a label which you must attach to your bicycle.

Can I have parcels delivered to Downing College?

ALL parcels and mail should be delivered to the College.  Royal Mail and all of the usual couriers deliver to the Porters' Lodge throughout the day.  Letters are put into pigeon holes along with any small package or parcel that will fit into the pigeon hole.  Any 'signed for' mail must be collected from the post room. 

'Signed for' mail and parcels that are too big to go into the pigeonholes will be kept in the post room and the recipients will be notified by e-mail.  ALL MAIL must be addressed to Downing College, Regent Street, Cambridge CB2 1DQ.  Do not forget to add your name.

When does the heating come on?

Central heating is supplied to all College rooms from approximately 1 October to 1 May each year.  If conditions are very cold or hot before or after these dates, the heating may well be adjusted to suit.   

The heating is set to 19C in all areas.

Heating times

student residences

  • Monday to Friday: 7am-8.30am/ 4pm-10.30pm
  • Saturday and Sunday: 7am-10am/ 2pm-10pm

To conserve energy, heating is also switched off for five hours in the middle of the day. You are encouraged to help to save energy and cost by keeping windows closed in cold weather, and using radiator thermostatic settings sensibly.

You are prohibited from using private space-heating equipment in your room without prior approval. All electrical equipment requires PAT testing, and gas and paraffin-operated equipment is strictly forbidden.

heat hubs

  • Library: 24 hours-a-day
  • Butterfield:  7.30am-10pm
  • Dining Hall: 7.30am-10pm

Hot water times

Monday to Sunday: 6.30am-10.30am/ 2.30pm-10.30pm

What time do the gates close?

For reasons of security it is essential that all College gates are locked for periods during the night. Normally the pedestrian gate in Regent Street is shut from 8pm until 6am, although there is always a Porter on duty to let College members into the College. Other gates are closed earlier.

The gate at the south end of the Paddock leading to Lensfield Road can be opened using your University card. The Howard Gate onto the Downing Site is normally open to the public from 10.30am to 4.30pm daily; your University card will allow you to use the gate at other times. 

The Howard Gate may be locked periodically during the year; there is no public right of way through the College.

When do guests have to leave?

College rooms are provided for the use of students alone, and overnight guests are not allowed to stay in College for more than two consecutive nights on an occasional basis.  A guest may stay either in an undergraduate guest room in a junior member's own room provided the junior member is also present (you must not accommodate a guest in your room if you are absent) or a guest room may be booked via the Accommodation Office.

Guests are required to have left College by 12.45am and College houses by midnight.  Guests leaving from the main gate must be accompanied and let out of the gate by the College host.

And where is …?

The University of Cambridge map shows the location of all other Colleges in Cambridge, as well as Faculties and Departments.