The Butterfield Café and Bar

The Butterfield is the heart of social life at Downing: a lively café and meeting place by day, and a buzzing venue for music and events by night.

While many students like to use the Butterfield as a place to meet and work together - with its cozy couches, relaxed atmosphere and steady supply of snacks and good coffee – the building is above all a place for Downing students to take a break from their studies and spend time together catching up and winding down with friends.

Downstairs from the bar area is a dedicated common room for the College’s undergraduate community, called ‘the JCR’ (or Junior Combination Room). The JCR is a student-run space which hosts all manner of activities. On any given day, you’ll find society meetings, film screenings, music rehearsals or impromptu pool-tournaments taking place amongst the giant sofas. If you have an idea for a special event or a fun activity, the JCR is there for you to do it.

Up in the bar (which is staffed by students) there is a busy schedule of evening events, including College parties, open mic nights, pub quizzes, and live music gigs to suit just about any taste: jazz, folk, indie, dance and beyond. Downing’s social hub, the Butterfield has all the colour and energy of the Downing community itself.

Find out more about the Junior Combination Room (JCR).

The TV Room

There is a TV Room, located on S staircase, for you to watch TV or DVDs, or as a place to meet and relax.