The Maintenance Department have their office in the Porters’ Lodge.  Find further details of our Maintenance staff here.

Faults and repairs

The College seeks to respond quickly to any problems with equipment or furnishing in rooms. You must report any fault or damage to the Maintenance team via the Online Maintenance System (OMS). Repairs are normally completed during working hours (Monday to Friday: 07.30 – 16.30) and the College will endeavor to give 24 hours’ notice where possible. However, while the College will make every effort to contact you first, the College reserves the right to enter the Accommodation at all reasonable times to inspect, carry our any necessary works and to show others (i.e. builders, architects, etc.) round your accommodation without notice or with only short notice, as appropriate.

Submit a maintenance request here.

Maintenance and servicing

Regular access to your accommodation is required by the College Maintenance team as well as specialist contractors to undertake servicing and testing. Fire alarm testing is carried out on a quarterly basis, and there are monthly water hygiene checks. 

Specialist contractors employed by the College are subject to stringent checks and are required to register with the Porters’ Lodge when arriving on site. If you are unsure as to the identity of anyone arriving to undertake work, check with the Porters’ Lodge or the Maintenance team before allowing them to enter your house or room.


Central heating is supplied to all College rooms from approximately 1 October to 1 May each year.  If conditions are very cold or hot before or after these dates, the heating may well be adjusted to suit.   

The heating is set to 19C in all areas.

Heating times

Student Residences

Monday to Friday: 7am-8.30am/ 4pm-10.30pm
Saturday and Sunday: 7am-10am/ 2pm-10pm

To conserve energy, heating is also switched off for five hours in the middle of the day. You are encouraged to help to save energy and cost by keeping windows closed in cold weather, and using radiator thermostatic settings sensibly.

You are prohibited from using private space-heating equipment in your room without prior approval. All electrical equipment requires PAT testing, and gas and paraffin-operated equipment is strictly forbidden.

Heat Hubs 

Library: 24 hours-a-day
Butterfield:  7.30am-10pm
Dining Hall: 7.30am-10pm

Hot water times

Monday to Sunday: 6.30am-10.30am/ 2.30pm-10.30pm