Those living in properties not owned by the College can expect to pay a termly or academic year rental, with separate charges for heating and other facilities. These charges should be discussed before entering into any contract.

Private accommodation bills are not included in College bills and must be paid on the basis agreed with the landlord.

Students who do not wish to apply for College-allocated accommodation are advised to contact the University Accommodation Service which can help students find appropriate accommodation. The demand for accommodation in Cambridge is high, so enquiries should be made as early as possible.

A useful guide to finding accommodation and living out of College can be found on the CUSU Student Advice Service web site.

Fraudulent websites

Please be aware that there are several fraudulent websites claiming to offer rental accommodation.

Although these addresses have different URLs, they have the same home page and the telephone numbers start with 01223 '9'xxxxx. Genuine rental companies in Cambridge would not use a telephone number starting with a '9' and would not just use a mobile number to conduct their business.

Useful links

Rightmove Students is a dedicated site for student accommodation. Accommodation is listed on a per person per week basis.