The Housekeeping Office is located above the Porters' Lodge and is open for student queries, Monday to Friday, from 10.30am to 12.00 noon.

Alternatively, you can email Housekeeping or contact the office by telephone (01223) 334863.

Details of Housekeeping staff.

College room inventory

At the start of each academic year on arrival at the College you must undertake an inventory and visual check of the fixtures and fittings in your College room.

Please ensure you complete and submit the room inventory as soon as possible when you move in to College accommodation to avoid the cost of any damages caused by previous occupants being charged to your College bill. You will need your Downing credentials to log in to the room inventory.

Please note, do not complete this inventory if you are not living in College accommodation.

Hire of bedding

Bedding may be hired weekly through the Housekeeping Office on a supply only basis. It is recommended that hiring requirements are organised well in advance, as linen cannot be hired on the day.

The amount charged to your College bill is dependent on how frequently a change of bed linen is required (either weekly or fortnightly).

Please note, special arrangements, on medical grounds only, can be made with the Housekeeping Office for your bed to be made up. The following packages are available:

Complete Bedding Package: Please note, when ordering this package please indicate whether you also require a pillow and duvet as this package does not include these items as standard. This package does include:

  • pillowcase
  • sheet
  • duvet cover
  • bath towel
  • hand towel.

Duvet and Pillow Purchase: A duvet and pillow may also be purchased at the beginning of the academic year.

Mattress Hire: A mattress may be hired for an overnight guest's use by providing the Housekeeping Office with two days' notice in advance.

Please consult the fees and charges page for prices.