Full Term Dates for 2022-2023

2022/2023 Full Term
Michaelmas 2022 Tuesday 4 October - Friday 2 December
Lent 2023 Tuesday 17 January - Friday 17 March
Easter 2023 Tuesday 25 Apr - Friday 16 June

General Admission (Graduation):  Friday 30 June 2023 TBC

Term dates and calendars are available from the University website or the Statutes and Ordinances of the University of Cambridge. 

Keeping Term

The University requires all candidates for the B.A. degree to have spent no less than nine Terms in Cambridge and the College has to certify to the University that this is the case for each undergraduate.  In order to 'keep term' an undergraduate must be residing in accommodation approved by the Tutor for no less than 59 nights during the Michaelmas and Lent Terms and 52 nights in the Easter Term. These nights must be between 1 October and 19 December (Michaelmas), 5 January and 25 March (or in any leap year on 24 March) (Lent) and 17 April and 25 June (except for any year in which full Easter Term begins before 22 April, in which case the dates are 10 April and 18 June).

This does not mean that you are obliged to stay in Cambridge for this period continuously, but if you wish to be away from Cambridge for any number of nights you should let your Tutor know, in advance, the reasons for your planned absence and advise how long you expect to be away from Cambridge.      You should not leave Cambridge without the permission of your Tutor.

If an undergraduate student fails to 'keep term' it is not possible for the College to certify to the University that the term in question has been kept and this may then prevent or delay you graduating.

Normal Periods of Residence

Downing College operates a system of Normal Periods of Residence (NPR) which allows students to be in residence for a few days at either end of Full Term.

Junior Members wishing to apply for accommodation outside the Normal Periods of Residence (NPR) should complete an application online no fewer than two weeks prior to the first date of requested residence.  Apply for residence outside NPR on our Student Forms portal. 

For NPR dates, please see below:

2022/2023 NPR
Michaelmas 2022 Saturday 1 October - Saturday 10 December*
Lent 2023 Saturday 7 January - Saturday 18 March
Easter 2023 Saturday 15 April - Saturday 24 June

*Please check your room agreement to verify the date you need to vacate your room by in Michaelmas, as for some buildings in College NPR ends a week earlier.  If in doubt, please contact the Accommodation Officer.